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Our first objective is to serve and strengthen the Body of Christ through meeting with local congregations.  We use the spiritual gifts to encourage, exhort, and edify local church communities in prophetic conferences and church events.  We consider it a privilege to serve the local churches as they are daily on the “front lines”.  As we encourage the Body, the Lord has anointed Kingdom Awakening with a strong evangelistic calling for miracle-crusade events.  Not only do the lost encounter the reality of the living God, but the church is united for these events as we can all agree that the lost need Jesus.  As the Body comes together to win the lost, more are added to their numbers… and we give God all the glory for this.  Finally, as we become more acquainted with the challenges facing each unique culture, the Lord gives specific direction for how he wants us to continually “disciple nations”.

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After a profound encounter with God, Jeff began to seek the fullness of Jesus and a lifestyle of faith.  He began to walk through the streets of Dallas presenting the gospel of Jesus, healing the sick, and prophesying. Today Jeff is the co-founder of Kingdom Awakening International and serves as Director of Evangelism at Storehouse Church in Dallas, Texas. The Lord has used Jeff for many notable healings and miracles. In 2013 the Lord called Jeff to missionary work in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico through a series of dreams and divine connections.



Cody is a passionate teacher, pastor, missionary, and minister of the Gospel from Kansas City, Missouri.  He moves in a strong prophetic and deliverance anointing and Cody sees people set free everywhere he goes.  He and his wife Amy have a heart to build up the Body of Christ to move in their gifts and callings. The Lord often uses Cody to restore the broken-hearted to the heart of the Father.  Today Cody is a co-founder of Kingdom Awakening International and is the pastor of The River Church in Belton, Missouri.



The ministry of Kingdom Awakening really started in 2011.  The Lord directed Jeff to learn about spiritual warfare.  At the time, Cody was the pastor of a house church and regularly ministered deliverance on the weekends. Jeff traveled from Dallas to Kansas City to learn about this ministry.  When Jeff entered the room to join the ministry team, a woman exclaimed “you are the man from my dream!  In my dream you were leading me and my church through double-doors and performing surgery on us.”  That woman was Maria Esteves, pastor of Templo de Alabanzo in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Jeff joined the church group in the initial trip to Juarez, and although the church disbanded, Jeff and Cody have continued to travel to Mexico ever since.  


Kingdom Awakening encourages the Body in local church meetings, preaches the Gospel in evangelistic crusades, and supports the needy as the Lord gives grace. This has lead to several church connections, crusade events alongside Evangelismo Massivo in Juarez. 


The Amor Xtremo orphanage is now a Kingdom Awakening ministry. In addition to the ongoing work in Mexico, in 2018 the Lord opened Africa to Kingdom Awakening through divine circumstances and connections to ministries that had never before been introduced.  Crusade events and conferences are currently being developed.

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